Sitecore Docker Tools — Tracking your Sitecore cache stats with Powershell

Jack Spektor
2 min readApr 24, 2023


Are you fine-tuning your Sitecore instance cache values?

If you do and your instance is hosted in Kubernetes then probably you know how tricky this task might be.

You need to look into your \App_Data\diagnostics\health_monitor folder for the CacheStatus files in Powershell on your Kubernetes pod.

But to make things worse those files would be in HTML format and completely unreadable…

For example, imagine reading this file in the terminal with 252 caches inside and trying to find the cache with the biggest usage percentage…

Luckily we have a way to parse those files and get you the latest cache status in a very friendly format.

All script does is find the latest CacheStatus file and parses it to present later in console-friendly format.

Now we have a list of cache stats, and also sorted by usage percentage!

Fine-tuning Sitecore caches have never been so easy now!

As always the script is available through the Docker assets file here



Jack Spektor

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