Sitecore Docker Tools — Building support package through Powershell

Jack Spektor
2 min readApr 23, 2023



If you ever contacted Sitecore support you’d know the first thing Sitecore engineers would always ask is a support package

Sometimes generating support packages is easy as — Sitecore provides OOTB ways to do that through Sitecore UI.

But it’s not always the case — sometimes you might need to collect a support package from CD which could be security hardened, or the support package could be very large and Sitecore OOTB tools would return a timeout.

What to do then? By default, Sitecore suggests collecting it manually.

However, any manual step could be automated and today I’ll share a script you can use to automate support package generation for Sitecore with Powershell

This simple script would collect all the information that is needed for the support package, but yet would never return any timeout during generation (as it’s running right in the container itself)

To make using the script easier I’ve created a repo that could be built as a Docker asset image and added to your project

Using the assets is as easy as copying the files from assets image into the Powershell module folder

FROM ${CUSTOM_TOOLS_IMAGE} as customtools
COPY --from=customtools \modules c:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\

And now all we need is to import the module and start building support packages!

Import-Module SitecoreDockerDevtools



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